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Genie Material Lift

Genie Material Lift

Genie Material Lift

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The Genie Lift is the ideal choice for a wide range of tasks thanks to its portable, compact design and lightweight but durable aluminium construction.

This versatile material lift is available in four sizes, providing lifting heights from 1.8m to 4.2m. It rolls easily through a single door, and comes with a manual winch, durable steel forks and a transport carriage lock.

The Genie Lift is available in a choice of three base options - standard (GL4 and GL8 only), straddle or counterweight (GL4, GL8 and GL10 only).

Standard Base: Compact design allows you to lift ans manoeuvre in congested work areas. Ideal for general lifting and material delivery

Straddle Base: Adjustable base legs straddle loads or fixed objects up to 91cm (36in) wide. Ideal for lifting small pallets, appliances and other bulky objects

Counterweight Base: Short leg length lets you get close to your load. Ideal for accessing loads on countertops or shelves above fixed objects

Standard and straddle bases come with 5cm dual wheel front swivel casters and 20cm non-marking rear wheels as standard. The counterweight base model comes with 10cm fixed front wheels and 13cm rear swivel casters (with side brakes) as standard.

Ladder options are also available with all Standard and Straddle Base Genie Lifts.

Other options including pneumatic wheels, a load platform or a boom - which turns the Genie Lift into a vertical crane or hoist capable of lifting 95 to 227kg - are also available on request. See the full specification sheets for further information, or contact us for more details.


  • Four sizes (GL4, GL8, GL10, GL12)
  • Three base options (standard, straddle, counterweight)
  • Lightweight durable aluminium construction
  • Single door access
  • Compact and very manoeuvrable
  • Standard winch
  • Optional ladder
  • Optional load platform
  • Optional boom
Lifting Height
Load Capacity
Base OptionsLadder Option
GL4 1.80m 227kg Standard, Straddle, Counterweight Standard, Straddle
GL8 3.06m 181kg Standard, Straddle, Counterweight Standard, Straddle
GL10 3.56m 159kg Straddle, Counterweight Straddle
GL12 4.20m 159kg Straddle Straddle



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